About Me

I started this blog for the sole purpose of waking up the masses.  I would very much like to see this become a better world and the only way that is going to happen is when more and more of us want to see it, too.  As long as I have the ability to put my voice into a blog, I am going to continue this mission.


On this news site, I share different articles which can be very controversial but I do not necessarily agree with everything.  For example,  I am not into reptilian people but sometimes the Author’s materials will have the (out there) theories mixed in with some views that I agree with and feel that are important so I post them.  Like me, I hope that you sort through the material so you can absorb the good things that matter in the articles. Just separate the wheat from the chaff in each article or video.  Keep an open but cautious mind!

Nan S


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