Posse Comitatus Will Not Save You From The U.S. Military Jade Helm Anyone? (Video)

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THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CAN GET YOU ANYTIME IT CHOOSES. If a person, group of people, or a government has power over you, that suggests they can control everything that you do, or force you to do everything that you are not willing to do. That power occurs either by the force of law with equivalent punishments for not obeying the law, or by force of violence of any kind utilizing the gun or other weapons that can endanger or take your life, or take advantage of of your liberty.

In many posts over the last 10 years, it has been written about the increasing power of the American government, at all levels, but mainly at the federal level. No matter what everybody believes, the proof factors straight at a pattern on the way to complete power. That is what governments do over time. But the only way to challenge absolute…

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