Ebola hoax: the “boomslang snake effect”

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Ebola hoax: the “boomslang snake effect”

By Jon Rappoport
October 27, 2014

Is what I’m suggesting in this article “too far out?” Not at all. In fact, for some psychopaths it’s just another day at the office.

After writing many articles on the Ebola hoax, and after demonstrating that the tests which diagnose Ebola are useless, irrelevant, and routinely produce thousands of false-positives, I thought I’d mention an obvious strategy—if someone wanted to invent a fake Ebola epidemic.

The bleeding effect.

I’ve already covered several non-viral causes of extensive internal bleeding: the vast overuse of antibiotics in West Africa, and the indoor and outdoor spraying of organophosphate pesticides. Both of these compounds do, in fact, lead to vomiting blood.

But consider a couple of other intentional possibilities.

The first is the boomslang snake, which lives in sub-Saharan Africa. Its venom works in strange ways.

From Reptiles Magazine, “The Boomslang…

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