Consequences Cannot Be Denied!

By Jim Kirwan

Most know that the first casualty of any war is always truth. But few understand the fact that CONSEQUENCES cannot be continually denied or overruled! Nature and the universe unilaterally abhor the artificial imbalances which the gluttonous Oligarchs insist on perpetuating. What we are witnessing now is “payback” for decades of criminal negligence and willful barbarity worldwide…

When the ‘Color Revolutions’ began: they were carried out to overturn the long-standing and aging Western puppets, that had taken the world from WWII to the doorstep of the New World Order.

Regime Changes were needed to get rid of the old-guard—to usher in the new-old monetary interests that were tired of waiting for nations to alter their tactics, in order to massively increase the global-theft of resources along with raping and looting world-wide.

The first phase of taking over the planet involved the half-baked nationhood of dozens of “nations” that had become neglectful of huge resources that they were no longer trying to steal, under the old system of puppets and “actors” on the global stage……

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