Chumps R Us Club: Part II

by Preston James


Experts claim that Americans are being continually Chumped by the massive dissemination of Big Government Lies dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

But how can this be shown to be true?

How can we be certain that we are being chumped by the Powers That Be (PTB) who run the Secret Shadow Government (*SSG) and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM)?

All we have to do is take a quick inventory on the current situation Americans find themselves in and the continuing Big Lies that the CMMM keep parroting over the years as if they were undisputed, accepted truth.

To easily illustrate this and prove the point, the following questions must be asked and answered:

>Why do we allow ourselves to be treated as dumbed-down Chumps and believe the constant stream of Big Government Lies and false narratives that are constantly fed us through the CMMM when they can be easily shown to be blatantly false? Is this because we have a deep social and emotional needs to believe these Big Government Lies?

>Do we have a deep social and emotional need to view Big Government and the CMMM as a benevolent Parent Figure? Has this been conditioned by Hollywoodism and engineered societal expectations over the last 50 years through the CMMM?

>How can we show conclusively that everything the USG dispenses through the Major Mass Media is controlled lies and propaganda?

>What will it take for the average American to wake up and snap out of the Mind-Kontrol perpetrated upon them by the CMMM?

>What will it take for Americans to completely withdraw consent from this Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) a cooperative union between the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), that uses several select Top Policy-Makers to run everything inside America?

Are you one of those people that believes all those dispensed US Government (USG) narratives about anything and everything because you think the USG is here to help you and would never lie?

If you still believe Oswald was a lone nut Assassin that murdered JFK with the finest shooting ever done in history and think the Warren Commission is accurate, please stop reading this article right now and move along. Without realizing it you are a satisfied card-carrying member of the “Chumps R Us Club” and have a completely closed and cloned mind.

Here is a quick inventory of how we as Americans are all being Chumped by the Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) which masquerades as the visible USG but controls what Americans believe and think they know through their propaganda dispenser the CMMM.

The top 21 reason Most average Americans are Chumps and members of the “Chumps R Us” Club:

1. Fluoride in the public water, a known toxic byproduct of the aluminum, gypsum and uranium processing industries. Recent Harvard study has shown it to lower IQ in children significantly, an average of 8 or more IQ points. In addition Fluoride was added to the water in German Work Camps and Russian Gulags. It was found that is drastically reduced rebellious thinking and escape attempts. It is undoubtedly added to the public water systems as a means of Mind-Kontrol. But it is also a proven carcinogen in children raising rates of bone cancer significantly. It has a strange history and at one time was used as rat poison. Now it is allowed to be added to the public drinking water with no prescription or any real dose control or any FDA oversight, an obvious violation of Federal Law. Go figure that. It is very strange that the FDA ignores all this. Somebody at the FDA must have been greased or adversely influenced, it certainly seems.

2. Thimerisol (ethyl mercury) and toxic contaminants (like SV-40 Monkey Virus, a known cause of soft tissue cancers), and adjuvants in vaccines which have now been shown to lower IQ in children and cause autism spectrum disorders. This is unnecessary for any vaccine and should have been outlawed long ago by the FDA.

92680022_9072bfcfa9_t3. American Pertussis Vaccine, part of the DPT. Long known that the kind given in America only can cause serious or deadly damage to any child’s brain. Should have been long ago outlawed by the FDA, as it has been in every other nation.

4. Massive deployment of over 44 vaccinations on the average to kids, when babies through school age. This is known to lower their IQ and cause numerous medical problems as they grow up due to the numerous unnecessary adjuvants and contaminants including squalene, aluminum, anti-freeze, and Thimerisol (breaks down into Ethyl Mercury, the most neuro-toxic substance known to man) and even more.

5. Monosodium Glutamate allowed by the FDA in numerous foods. This is a flavor enhancer which can make bad food seem okay but is a known toxin. Guess what top banking family is responsible for this.

6. Use of Aspartame, a known substantially toxic excitory neuro-toxin. Initially received very bad reports and was blocked by the FDA only to be allowed because of the major political power and connections of Donald Rumsfeld. In some sensitive individuals this has caused seizures and some very serious medical problems, some  believe it is carcinogenic too.

7. GMO Foods have been shown conclusively in recent Russian medical research to grow tumors in lab rats and and to be linked to numerous genetic changes and carcinogenic tumors in the animal consuming these gene spliced foods which make their own pesticide. Many foreign nations are rejecting these GMO foods grown in America, but the FDA sees no problem and Monsanto lobbies extensively to prevent adequate labeling laws to declare that GMOs are contained in food products or are GMO.

8. Massive prescribing of SSRIs and other antidepressants and even more seriously toxic neuroleptics in young children who have problems adjusting in school. Many of these issues are societally systemic and also caused by poor nutrition, too much sugar and soda pop and toxic chemical additives consumed in food. In the public schools, problems kids are labelled Hyperactive, dyslexic or autism spectrum and prescribed these dangerous mind-numbing drugs when most of their problems are either vaccine related or caused by family conflicts. This is a huge problem and numerous experts believe that this overuse of dangerous drugs is due to massive marketing and covert mind-kontrol of the prescribing physicians by Big Pharma and lack of adequate oversight by the FDA or various medical and Psychiatric Associations. SSRI’s have been associated with Spy-chiatrists and MK-Ultra style school shootings and anti-depressants and especially the neuroleptics and amphetamine type drugs so often prescribed to young children can have very damaging long term effects. Use of amphetamine type drugs can stunt the bone plate growth in children and cause the growth of extra dendrites in the brain. neuroleptics have been directly linked to the development ot tardive dyskenesis, a permanent very strange tremor.

9. Massive deployment of cell phones, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi with absolutely no adequate research on the psychotronic effects or carcinogenicity, and no protection of young children from their known toxic effects. The toxic effects are now recognized in some European nations who have instituted disability for the 3-6% who are ultra sensitive electro-smog and have set up special sanctuary neighborhoods with very low emf emissions and instituted very strict limits on EMF emissions in highly populated areas. It is now generally recognized that cell phone and Wi-Fi emissions can be carcinogenic and damage nervous systems. Denmark and one province in Canada have removed Wi-Fi from schools and substituted faster fiber optic which emit no harmful brain entraining or irradiating/heating emf. Do you notice ringing in your ears?

Do you have trouble getting a restful sleep at night? Do you notice yourself being overly irritable to other family members in the evening over petty matters? Are there days when you feel tired and have a hard time getting through the day? Are you having numerous “senior moments” where you have cognitive slippage and just cannot translate what you want to say into words or just cannot remember a word you often use, which is very uncharacteristic for you? If most of these apply to you at various times you are a victim of the ultra-high-tech psychotronic weapons that have been secretly deployed against many American urban dwellers in mass.

10. Massive deployment of of the now notorious Smart Meters to indicate electric usage in each home by the minute or less, using strong pulsed beam pulsed beam microwave transmissions which have been shown to be psychotronically toxic to many in European health studies. Denmark and one province in Canada now prohibits use of any Wi-Fi in public schools due to the known toxicity shown in medical experiments to between 3-6% of those exposed. In several countries in Europe Wi-Fi and cell phone tower emissions are closely regulated and limited to protect the populace from known psychotronic and carcinogenic effects.

chemtrail_plane11. Chemtrails, aka atmospheric aerosol spraying of highly toxic chemicals such as nano-particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, Hemophilus Influenzae, and numerous other toxins, delivered in our skies illegally by covert DOD contract airlines. This has been given numerous false cover stories to the pilots and employees who are involved such as this is protection against global warming which would raise the oceans. These cover stories are complete bunk, the actual top secret reasons are to create massive droughts and famine in targeted areas, poison the plant-life and crops, dispense magnetic-electrical tracer nano-particles to humans which can be flashed and allow travel-tracking.

Some insiders have reported that these chemicals are part of anew ultra-high tech radar system to track any ICBM, aircraft, or UFOs. Some experts have now had actual samples taken from these aircraft spectro-graphically analyzed, know the composition chemically and believe they are designed to poison humans and increase the rates of dementia and early Alzheimers type symptoms in even young folks.

And there is evidence to suggest these toxic chemicals harm plant-life and reduce crop yields. Some scientists are now convinced these aerosol toxins contain very strange nano-sized threads which are inhaled into humans and start growing in their central nervous system, perhaps an effort to psychotronically hive folks into a central quantum computer based “central hive.”

When-Did-Police-Become-This12. The Phony war on Drugs which was used to provide cover for the CIA trafficking of illegal drugs into American inner cities to raise massive funds for black ops all around the world. These CIA drug financed black ops are necessary to start new perpetual wars for war-profiteers and provide an excuse for the USG to build itself up into a strong Secret Police State needed to oppress the citizens and violate their Constitutional Rights.

Obviously this secret war on America’s urban dwellers is part of a NWO World Zionist effort to create massive chaos in American Cities and stress them to the breaking point which is close. Remember the the WZ’s favorite motto is “Order ab Chaos” or a New World Order can be created from the generation of massive chaos and destruction of the existing order.

13. The Militarization of the Police has transformed the average Police Officer who used to be dedicated to Protecting and Serving the Community, to now oppressing it, tyrannizing it, and treating it like there was a war between the police and the common Citizen. Police Officers have been transformed into agents of the State and a fighting machine deployed against the Citizenry on behalf of Homeland Security, an Israeli occupying force trained by the ADL and set up by Marcus Wolfe, former head of the East German Stasi. Thousands of police officers all over America are now being set up to be the new psychotronic robotized patsies used to perhaps set off a new Civil War inside America. Obviously the Intel folks controlling these pulsed beam radio emissions that entrain police and cause cause psychomotor seizures with extreme and inappropriate violence see these police as disposable chattel to sacrifice for their cause in their creation of a NWO Global Tyranny.

Here is an example of the new modal police mentality of a “militarized” police officer that serves the Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) rather than protecting and serving the taxpayers that pay his salary and benefits.(2) This cop appears unworthy to wear the badge and could perhaps be in the midst of a psychotronically induced psychomotor seizure, out of control and ready to kill over nothing. Certainly he should be arrested for felony Assault with a deadly weapon a charge which carries heavy prison time for a first offense.

If any citizen did such he/she would have been shot down from all sides. Why should Police Officers be allowed to commit major felonies on Camera with multiple witnesses? This Officer should have been immediately arrested by the other officer that witnessed this and then charged, suspended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with absolutely no mercy extended. Militarized Police have been trained by the ADL to treat All Americans as actual or potential domestic or lone-wolf terrorists, just the way the IDF treats Palestinians. One IDF sniper recently bragged he had thirteen kills of Palestinian Children in one day alone. Breaking news: this police officer has now been suspended for his threat to murder innocent protestors which was recorded by several professional photographers.

If a true Civil War does break out, these entrained attack dogs of DHS, that is the local police “thumpers” along with their mad dog entrained VIPR groups will become serious targets of a public that has finally had enough tyranny served up to them who will fight back with a vengeance as their wives and children are murdered in cold blood by these DHS psychotronic soulless zombies perverts and soon to be mass-murderers. You see, here is the thing these dumbed-down soulless thugs cannot understand, America is not Palestine. Americans are armed to the teeth and will never allow themselves to be mass-murdered like Palestinians. We will never allow DHS, the Israeli private occupying army inside America, an engineered clone of the IDF, a serious terrorist mass-murder group itself, to transform America into GAZA II. If these demonic perverts want a civil war and keep provoking it they will probably get far worse than they ever expected and may literally be signing their own death warrants when push comes to shove.

And be certain that provocation of these no-win conflicts is the specialty of the IZCS, the Dual Citizens, the NeoCons and the PNACers. They agitate both sides and work hard to destroy America by breeding chaos everywhere possible. And you can bet they worked hard to Mind-Kontrol both the victim and the police, playing both sides against each other. This is what they do and it is their specialty. But it can only work when the public is uninformed about this game. As more and more catch on, their tactics no longer work very well.

Now for the top secret part of this section. If you work for VIPR you have been profiled and preselected and have probably drank too much Koolaide to be able to process this, so please skip this part. American Police in most large urban areas in general work for the same folks that run the IDF, the Likudists. These are the folks that ran the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 and have hijacked almost all the training of the American Police. They have transformed the American Police into a hard core, zero tolerance Israel anti-terrorist force, and this is ALL based on Big Government Lies. Professor Jim Fetzer has reported numerous times that a recent Fusion Center Study across the whole USA showed no acts of terror inside America since 9/11/01, only absurd attempts by the FBI to entrap mentally deficient, mentally ill, or seriously retarded Patsies………

Read the rest of article here >

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