The Pathetic World of Losers, Liars, and Greedy War Lords!

By Nan S.

I am in the mood to write today about the world of pathetic morons and greedy overlords but I am more in the mood to make people aware that unless we change, the road will not end well.  The fact is that we are living is a world where most are still enjoying their deep sleepiness.  A world where everyone talks, debates, writes, and discusses the problems but never seems to have a solution to it.  As the apocalypse marches on, many of us are going around and about doing our daily things like it is business as usual.  No one seems to be quite awake yet or they have decided to just pretend that the problem does not exist at all while the evil doers continue to do whatever they can to make sure that every moment that we spend in this place that they will make every last one of us be as miserable as possible.  Many people tell me to just ignore it but this is something that nobody should close their eyes to.  When you close your eyes to impending destruction, there is no way that you can protect yourself from the impending destruction.

We all know too well that the money grubbers are controlling us but do we really know exactly if they are the only entities in control?  Let’s say perhaps that there is a very real legit possibility that something is controlling them.  What might that be and exactly how deep does it go?  Where is the source and how might it be destroyed?  In other words, how many puppets do we have to go through to find the real monster? Whatever is in control of this show is a very powerful entity and it does appear that it is on a mission to destroy all of humanity.

We can sleep walk around and pretend that all is well.  We can be half awake or even less awake and complain, post, share, and write to our heart’s content about how bad it is and that we think that we have all the answers but we still really have very few answers.  Do you actually think that they are going to allow the answers to get out so easily?  I do believe however that the truth is starting to manifest itself into our reality and it will only be a matter of time before it unveils itself completely for all to see.  This is why I must say that none of us are fully awake yet.

There is a power-of -good lurking behind the scenes trying to get the answers to us and rescue us from this nightmare in which we now live.  Never stop believing in the Power of Good.  Where there is evil, there is good.

What we need to do is learn to stop allowing this evil presence to divide us because if we are not united as a people, the less likely that the truth will be able to present itself to us.  We are all together in this.  Nothing in our physical, monetary, and social make-up should be allowed to interfere with that.  This is not a game and time is running out for us to be messing around with who is better and who is not.  When I browse all the groups, message boards, and other social media outlets, I often see people arguing over things like political leanings, social statuses, religious beliefs, skin colors, and many other issues that only create division and hatred.  Because we are divided, we are not united and this works best for the powers that be.

They want to keep us distracted and by making us argue and fight over such insignificant claptrap, we are less likely to find the real answers or develop a plan to stop this nasty machine that just doesn’t want to stop.  It is like an infinite hamster wheel that refuses to stop or an endless hall with no exit.  If we quit arguing and fighting then we will become more still and quiet.  If we do that, the truth will be able to speak to us because we will be listening to what it has to say.

The truth will come out and what we learn at the end of this all will be beyond anything we could ever imagine.  It will be like coming out of an amnesia state.  Slowly it will open itself up to us just like how an amnesia patient’s memories slowly present themselves.  It is only a matter of time but the key is for us to quit allowing all the distractions to keep us from the knowledge of truth. Truth isn’t always pretty.  In fact, sometimes it can be just downright horrid but the alternative will be much worse.

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