This Nightmare will not end until people make it end!

By Nan S.


I am very disappointed in the human race for allowing this to go on as long as we have.  We are still slaving for these scumbags.  Every single day, we still continue to obediently pay their taxes, work their jobs, attend their dumbed downed version of education, send our children to fight their wars by destroying other innocent people, and listen to their mainstream lies that their version of news spews.  We continue to watch them destroy nature through the use of weather modification, failing nuclear power plants, toxic chemical spraying of our vegetation, and pollution just so they can make more profits.  The trees are dying, the animals are dying, and many of us are shriveling up and dying, too.  The infrastructure in our cities and towns look like shit and we pretend that this is normal.

We are even afraid to even suggest that something has gone amiss because every single time we do it, we treat each other as if we are crazy for seeing the obvious. Since when was common sense considered insanity? I don’t know whether people are just suffering from fear, apathy, cognitive dissonance or whether they have just become that STUPID!   You people are more concerned about football, reality shows, and watch immoral rubbish that makes people act like idiots like The Jerry Springer Show on your televisions.

For me, I hate this world the way it is. It looks completely dead and I should not be denied of any of the resources that nature has given me and neither should you.  The money system was designed to create a system where the usurpers could take and take from us while we toil and slave to make their products while they do nothing at all but use us because they think that they are better than the rest of us.  The evil schemes that they continue to use against us never ever apply to them.

Why do we let them rule over us like they are Gods and we are some kind of an inferior race?  Is this all the better you people think of yourselves that you will continue to allow them to take more and more from us until there is nothing left for us to enjoy in this life?  They should have been put in prison long time ago but you people continue to kiss their asses.

Duh, if these despotic pigs who are ruling over us think that we are too pathetic and stupid to run our lives, we are doing a very wonderful and amazing job of proving them right.

I don’t care what anybody thinks of me for stating the facts.  Hate me if it makes you feel better.  Go on to get along like you have been but you will be surprised in the end to find out that I and others like me were correct.  The problem with that is that it may be too late to fix it and you will drag the rest of us down with you as well as your children who should have never had to live in a world such as this.  If you do not care what happens to you, FINE, but you must fight to make a better world for your children even if you do not value your own lives enough to do so.

Like me, those children never asked to end up in this nightmare which is unfit for humanity.  They wanted to live in a world full of color and beauty not this black and white dying death trap in which we live now.

If you think that some divine or mystical entity is going to magically appear and extract us from this, you are only fooling yourselves.  If you think our controllers are going to fix this, you are living in a fog.  They hate us, think we are useless eaters, and only care about how productive we can be to aid them in their avaricious endeavors.

I have no doubt that we were put here to be tested and that if we ever want to make it into the upper levels, we must prove ourselves.  Being STUPID is just as bad as being the usurpers. You give them consent to do this to all of us because you go along with it.  This means that you are part of the problem instead of the solution.  If you think that this is not bad enough like some of us do, it is going to get worse and worse.

They may say that they can solve all our ills if we join their New World Order but that will mean we have to give up all our rights and become full time slaves to them.  They will then be able to do whatever the hell they want to us and it will be the faults of those who refused to wake up.  Quit giving into a system that benefits nobody but the elite.

Some of you are still busy being distracted with stupid things like fighting over political parties but if you are not yet able to see that both parties are the same and are in service to the same miserable animal, then there is not much hope left for you in regards to ever having a chance of waking up from this and we need to all wake up, NOW! I am tired of sitting by and waiting for our demise!

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3 Responses to This Nightmare will not end until people make it end!

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  2. Carl Contid says:

    Don’t know who Nan S. is ,but I couldn’t have said it better. You are spot on. Our present and past few administrations have totally ignored the Constitution of this Country and ruled in their own favor, voting on bills to make lobbyist and the people they represent wealthy as well as themselves. This Country has become the Bully of the planet, letting business and leadership of this country suffer, while it tries to advise other countries in their business and leadership. We have destroyed Iraq, Libya , Afghanistan, and about to do the same un Ukraine. We have not been threatened by any of these countries, but have spent Trillions of our dollars for what ? We have made some POLATICIONS very wealthy by voting for the expenditures that feed the war machine , thanks to lobbyist. Check out the businesses in this country that have been getting the bulk of tax dollars, It’s the those companies that produce anything connected to war. Yes, it’s time for Americans to wake up.

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