The snafus that comprise society now

By Nan S

The conformist attitudes

What to do:  Society now is heartless and we are all slaves to it. You and I are not the low lives. It is the psychopath criminal bankers and their puppet governments that are sucking us all dry that are the scumbags of the earth and if everyone starts to wake up instead of putting price tags on humans, maybe we can all dismantle this greedy system together.

People need to start loving each other again instead of judging each other by monetary worth.  We need to throw our TV’s onto the trash heaps in the Landfills, quit listening to all the claptrap that the schools are spewing, quit listening to the mainstream pressitutes, listening to our Pastors or priests, Psychologists and other shrinks.  We need to listen to that inner spirit inside each of us.  Quit trying to fit in with this society and attempting to keep up with the Joneses.  People are being denied healthcare and all of their basic needs. Now they want to steal all of our integrity from every single last one of us and yet we are allowing them to get away with it.  Many of us are still worshipping them and hurting other good people just because of their social statuses in life.  This makes no sense.  Wake up people and quit being so STUPID!!

 The Coup D’état of America

After 911, all hell broke out and the whole shebang just started escalating.  But even though it seemingly appeared like it all started going sour after 911, the actual date that United States gave up its sovereignty was when President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve into law on December 23, 1913.  Most people think that the Federal Reserve is part of the government but it is a private entity owned by the bankers. The act enables the bankers to print money out of thin air and charge the rest of us through interest which turns the American tax payers into debt slaves while they walk off with all our money. In fact, they invented the money system so that they can keep us from enjoying our resources and eventually take every last resource away from us in order to take full control over every single last one of us and we are buying into the scheme-hook, line, and sinker! If you would like to see how bad the Federal Reserve is sticking the finger to us, you can check it out here:

The Reason 911was done?

911 was not done by a bunch of Muslim Arabs with box cutters like the official story stated.  It was achieved by the CIA and Israeli Mossad. “A joint team of CIA and Mossad shadow warriors supervised contract laborers who planted the explosives in the weeks and months prior to the controlled demolitions. At the same time, electronic guidance systems were tested and retested on large airplanes. Nothing was left to chance. “


“Planners achieved enormous personal fortunes, dictatorial power and a furtherance of a debased nationalism. Israel, which supplied various Mossad loyalists (demolition experts?) months in advance, gained the destruction of her enemies. Pentagon generals achieved promotions. Wall Street masterminds achieved billions in profits with the complete destruction of SEC records (When WTC-7 was demolished). Silverstein, the WTC landlord, achieved hundreds of millions in damage claims. Intelligence orgs achieved massive influx of money, tens of billions, as did the Pentagon. Religious autocrats achieved a new crusade. While the risks were great—for all involved—the rewards were far greater.” (1)

Also, here is a video on the latest about 9/11 that you should check out about how the 9/11 case has been reopened :

Zionism and religious indoctrination

Israel thinks they are God’s special people and Christians have been hoodwinked through their religions to believe that gentiles are all inferior to Jews which was all intended to trick Christians through indoctrination so later on most people in America would not put up a fight to stop Israel from terrorizing and brutally killing Palestinians just so Israel could confiscate their land from them.  Anyone with any kind of a brain should have been able to figure that out long time ago.  No one is chosen…and Israel is comprised of Rothschild Zionists who are really Satanists. Yes, there are regular Jewish people like you and me, and these normal Jewish people who have been left in the dark just as much as the rest of us, do not believe they are chosen and they hate Zionism too. They are on the side of the Palestinians.

The Bible is awash with lies just like all religions. It is indoctrination for the masses pure and simple just so the Powers That Be can use us to unknowingly help fulfill their evil agendas.  Besides, why would a loving, omnipotent God choose one type of people over another?  To say this is to say that God is a racist and I doubt that such an entity would be racist unless the entity is Satan or it is a flat out lie. I am not telling you to quit your religions but just learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  There is good and evil in everything but after you wake up and grow wise in a spiritual sense, you become able to discern evil and good on your own without the help of a religion.  Just remember, the planners have had their dirty hands on everything and this is why discernment is imperative.

Nature, Technology, and the food chain

There are many people who have decided that eating plants and animals is cruel and that is not always the case.  In regards to plants, chickens, or cows, the vegetation and some animals produce food for us to eat.  In the case of plants, they drop fruit for our consumption.  Chickens produce eggs for our consumption.  Cows produce dairy for our consumption.  None of these things harm the animals.  There is protein in eggs, vitamin D in Milk, and nuts have lots of protein as well.

So what I am getting at is the fact that now many people are saying that we are being cruel to plants even though many fruits and veggies are dropped from the plants to feed humans and animals. Some say that it is evil to eat meat but the truth is that animals also practice this act, too.  Examples:  Spiders weave webs to trap their prey, cats eat mice, bears eat fish, and wolves eat deer, and so on and so on.  It is a perfectly natural process called the food chain.

I consider these things nature’s gift to us even though we do not really deserve it the way we are destroying the earth and everything good that nature has to offer us just for the sake of greedy corporations and despotic monsters who want to enslave us all for whatever other disturbing hidden reasons they may have for doing this.

They are using technologies like GMOs, geoengineering, and vaccines to destroy humanity, animals, plants, and even bugs.  Our trees are dying, our weather is being modified, our earth is being radiated along with many of our foods, our foods are being poisoned with Round Up, and our bees are dying which is causing less pollination which is killing our plants yet these psychotic  nutbags are trying to say that the rest of us are destroying the ecosystems.

Too late to turn back the monster soon

Now they are planning on inserting microchips into each of us so they can have better control over us. This is sucky and I hope every single human on earth takes that power from them by refusing to be micro chipped.  Instead of everyone going along with it just so they can continue to go along in society this way because they think that they are too helpless to fend for themselves without some nanny grid ruling over us.  If we all refuse to go along, then we will go back to helping each other and they will lose every last bit of control that they have over us.

If we do not stop the machine now, it will not keep going on like the status quo.  It will just continue to erode to the point that we will all end up dead.  When the New world order is rolled out, they are planning on killing off 95% of us useless eaters.  You can say you do not believe me but maybe you should go check out their Agenda 21 plan or how Gates stated “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”  It is on the internet.  Google it! Oh wait! I will even do you better…Here is a link to him actually saying it:  But Google these topics anyhow and enlighten yourself to all their wonderful plans for us!

This world is getting too sick for me. When are we going to stop this behemoth? You know that there will come a point in time when it is too late to be stopped. We can talk all we want about this but now it is time for some kind of action or it will be impossible to live in this place anymore because it will be unfit to live in.  If you really want to know how late it is, watch this:

Are you getting it yet?  Are you people going to hand your heads to them on a platter?


  1. How 911 Really Happened

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