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Published On March 31, 2014 | 

It has become increasingly obvious that radio host Alex Jones and the people who write for his web sites refuse to talk about many important issues.  They have proven time and time again that they are information gatekeepers not much different than what you see at Fox News and other Zio-media outlets.  The only difference is that Jones will talk about a few additional issues like the Bilderberg Group, the lies surrounding the 9/11 attacks and other topics in order to present an illusion that he somehow offers a credible alternative to the mainstream.  Despite that, Jones and his crew continue to prove day in and day out that they are just as phony as the big corporate media outlets they claim to despise.

International Zionism or even issues remotely related to it are not seriously discussed and are mostly misdirected by Jones and his lackees.  Even though this alone is bad enough, we now see them promoting absurd mainstream propaganda trying to convince people that the alleged World War II Holocaust of Jews was real.  Infowars re-posted a mainstream news article rehashing all of the old Holocaust lies because someone decided to dig a few holes in the ground at Treblinka.  No specifics in the article are provided except that they claim to have found mass graves and gas chambers allegedly used to kill Jews.  Oh yeah and they want you to watch Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine on the Smithsonian channel which will give you all the details about how Hitler was the most evil man to ever walk the face of the earth.  The post has received a great deal of condemnation in the comments section with the majority of people criticizing InfoWars for re-posting such ridiculous propaganda.  Some have even posted links to documentation proving that the Holocaust never happened and how its existence has been manufactured by Jewish lies.

There is a reason why Jewish interests have pushed to make laws banning people from questioning the official story of the supposed Holocaust.  The reason being is because if you analyze what happened based on facts, logic and reason than it is impossible to conclude that six million Jews died in Germany’s World War II concentration camps.  In fact the number of six million dead Jews was used by Zionists many times before World War II to promote their political agendas.  If the Holocaust was real as the Jews claim it was, than there would be no reason to have such laws passed because anyone claiming otherwise would be easily dismissed through factual evidence.

This represents another low point for Jones and his fake alternative media empire.  By promoting this holohoax propaganda, Jones and his crew have once again proven that they are no better than the drivel you see on Fox News and other Zionist friendly operations.

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