Update 3-25-14 of 11-16-13 Alert! Mutated Ebola Virus Epidemic In U S?

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Update 3-25-14 of 11-16-13 Alert! Mutated Ebola Virus Epidemic In U S? CA, OH, MI

Ebola: Up Close Ebola: Up Close

There seems no other reasonable conclusion, although it would take DNA, RNA, etc., viral studies to confirm. There is no doubt the symptoms and actions of the virus are very similar. There is no doubt a ‘circovirus’ has been confirmed. There is no doubt Ebola variants have been confirmed in similar ‘circovirus’ epidemics. There is no doubt Viri Mutate.

Ebola in ‘Circovirus’ Hit Pigs:

“The recent incident surrounding the revelation of the discovery of Ebola Reston virus in pigs in the Philippines clearly underscores the incompetence, irresponsibility, and callousness of our government. It also highlights how reckless it could be with public health, safety, and the lives of its citizens.

Three deadly strains of the Ebola virus killed countless people in the Congo, wiping out villages, in 1976. That epidemic and the subsequent…

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