US Government: Why would it hijack MH370?

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It’s becoming somewhat of a bore listening to mouthpieces in the media and very ignorant mouthpieces at that, who perhaps have never studied politics, history and geopolitical agendas. Media mouthpieces which utter nothing except that they are told to. They possibly trawl the internet occasionally to read “crazy conspiracy theories” so that they can, in their abject ignorance and naivety of the world – in their innocence in fact but with an arrogant style of innocence because, after all, they’re in the Media! They may even be on the telly from time to time! That makes them a “player” and someone people have to take seriously – take the proverbial out of those of us who are, probably in most cases, older, wiser, experienced and have read a lot wider and deeper than they. So when we analyse an event or series of events and connect one event to another…

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