Changing The Title of my Website to avoid confusion from my readers.

Someone pointed out today that I should put great consideration into changing the title of my Blogs.

See, many people do not realize that the N.S. in my title does not stand for the National Socialist Party, the N.S.A, or Nova Scotia.  It is just simply my initials that I tossed into there because when I started this blog, I did not want to use my full name.  I am just not comfortable with that at this point and I really do not want to use it for my handle or for the title of my page. Since, my initials do not work for even my writings, i will use my middle initial or first name just to avoid any confusion. As for the Title, I have been planning on finding a better one for it but I need some time to think on it.  But I am just letting everyone know that I am not a nazi, a socialist, an N.S.A agent so you can relax if you had any suspicions.

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