Natural Order will always have her way! End of world or evolution of world?

By Nan S

“Where there is great doubt, there will be great awakening; small doubt, small awakening; no doubt, no awakening. “ Zen Proverb

I recently posted a video here called “Exploring the Depths of the Current Human Condition” and I encourage you all to watch it.  It dives deep into the fact that we are all sitting at a crossroads at this point in time and it depends on what we do from here on out as to which way it will go.  Do we want to fix the great planet earth or let it go to ruins? One thing is for certain, if we do not change soon, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that the ancient cultures did, and as a result, nature will have to make us go back and repeat the whole process again from scratch.

I believe that we are approaching a time where our biggest job is to make the world evolve to the next level.  So far, mission has failed and we have flunked the course so it always ends up having to be repeated over and over again.

We are not in tune with nature by the way we have been running things.  We have been given great knowledge over the years, but instead, we are using these technologies to destroy each other instead of to help the earth and each other.

Thinking, chemistry, environment

I liked what Bruce Lipton said about the stem cell experience that he did, “I would isolate one cell, put it in a petri dish by itself and it would divide every ten hours or so. After about two weeks, I’d have thousands of cells in the petri dish. But what was important was every cell was genetically identical because it came from the same parent.

Then, what I did in my experiment – this is the part that blew my mind; because I was teaching in a medical school at the same time and I was teaching conventional story that genes control life – so here I am with this plate with thousands of genetically identical cells, I split them up into three groups and put them into three different petri dishes. I changed the culture medium with slightly different constituents in each of the three dishes. So, there are three dishes with cells in different environments, because the culture medium is the environment for the cell.

In one dish, the cells formed bone with the culture medium that I put in. A different culture medium in the second dish, the cells formed muscle. With the third different culture medium, the other cells formed fat cells.”

Then he went on to explain that they came from the same stem cell and since they were all exactly genetically identical, they still showed different fates. He made the culture medium somewhat different in each dish thus the question was what it was that was controlling the different fates of these cells?   Here was his explanation:

“I changed the fate of the cells by whatever chemistries in the culture medium.

A human body really by definition – this is funny if you think about it – a human body is a skin covered petri dish. It has 50 trillion cells living in it. So underneath your skin are 50 trillion cells in this giant petri dish. The culture medium for the cells is called “the blood.” If you change the chemistry of the blood, it’s the same as changing the culture medium in a plastic petri dish. So, the fate of the cells in my body is directly related to the culture medium – the blood and its chemistry.

Then, you find out, oh my goodness, the brain is like a chemist. The brain secretes the chemistry into the blood that changes the fate of the cells. But the brain doesn’t do this automatically. It does it in connection with our mind, our beliefs, and our perceptions.

So if you’re afraid, for example, if you live in fear, you’re releasing stress hormones into the culture medium (the blood) and that changes the fate of the cells as they get into protection. Or if you’re living in love, you’re releasing things like serotonin and dopamine chemistry into the blood. Those chemicals promote growth and harmony. So it’s just as you switch from love to fear, you change the chemistry of your blood, and the blood chemistry controls the fate of your cells. So, your mind is controlling the genetics of your cells.” (1)

It is really a vicious circle.  Environment determines the way we think and our thoughts determine our environment .  Knowing this is a real indication that we need to transform our thinking from fear and hatred to love before we can even begin to approach the disastrous mess that we now face in this world.

Also, if our blood chemistry is controlled by how we think, then it is fair to say that if we are living in an environment full of hatred, division, and negativity, we are setting ourselves up for poor health as well.  After all, negativity is a poison that eats away at our inner beings faster than our cells can regenerate themselves.  So is it a wonder why we are all so sick in this world today?  It also explains why our world is equally as ill. Eventually, if we let this go on, we will devolve instead of evolve because it also will destroy the cells in our brains which will turn us into dumb Neanderthals over time, which I think from the looks and actions of people these days, has already begun.

We are all connected

Another interesting thing that the film discussed was how everything and everybody is interconnected in this world and once we have awareness and we pass it onto the next person, it spreads and spreads until it gets to enough people that it becomes a way of life.  It works a lot like connecting the dots which connect the globe.  Unfortunately, only the bad stuff has been spreading like a nasty cancer but we can change that.  It is said that once 10% of the population wakes up, it does not take long for it to go viral.  So every time you share the truth online or offline, you are reaching more and more people.  It may take time for them to absorb it so you just have to keep on going with it until they finally get it.  Some will take longer than others depending on how corrupted they are.  I find it very difficult to reach very selfish people who have become so addicted to material objects and popularity that they have become impossibly blinded to anything outside their own self-interests but what they don’t realize is that it is not in their self-interest because what good is material wealth if it eventually destroys the world?  It is not like it lasts anyhow.  Material objects erode, break down, and fall apart where our souls live on.  Would it not be better to protect your soul then an object?


There was another interesting experiment in the film where a group of people were brought into a room.  Every one of them was in on the experiment except for one guy but he was led to believe that they were just like him and did not have any knowledge about it.  The person conducting the test was to go around the group to ask them to match up the correct line with the one shown off to itself like a multiple choice test.  I think there was like three different answers that you could choose from.  Each time they were asked, everyone in the group that was “in on it” gave the incorrect answer even though it was painfully obvious that it was not the correct answer.  The first time around, this happened, but the guy who was not “in on it” looked around real oddly because they were all giving the wrong answer but he went with his own thinking and answered it correctly that time.  Next time they still all answered it wrong and he looked around even more paranoid than before and gave into the group-think and he gave the same wrong answer as them.

This illustrates how so many of us know the truth and have the right answers but are willing to compromise our beliefs and knowledge to fit into the crowd.  We fear rejection to the point that we actually are willing to dumb ourselves down for the sake of belonging.  The other reason that the film illustrated was that we tend to doubt ourselves about what we know to be the truth because we feel less self-worthy than the others in society because they are the majority.  We think that they must be correct and we missed the size of the line because everyone else in the group said it was the other way.

This happens in our society through groups like religion, politics, and various groups.  We have been incrementally fed wrong answers throughout our existence that now the majority of us just follow it.

To belong

People require a sense of belonging but society’s sense of belonging is the wrong approach because it is selfish and heartless and only creates even more misery.  It goes against nature.  It goes against unity.  It goes against progress.  It divides and conquers. It destroys relationships and families. It creates loneliness and unhappiness.  It creates poverty and destruction.

People that set standards that material wealth is all that matters usually step on everyone they can to get from point A to point B.  They judge others unfairly claiming that they are being punished for the decisions that they have made in life when it is greedy people like them who created the suffering of the ones that are suffering because they stepped on everyone they could to get from point A to point B.

A real sense of belonging is only acquired when love is involved and not too many of us have even an inkling of that left inside us.  We are turning into barbarians.  A good example of that is to go to Walmart during Black Friday.  Watch how people tear each other apart just so they can get a cheaply made Chinese product for a cheaper cost made on the backs of cheap foreign labor. People have been known to be killed, shot, and trampled on during these events.

The more that hatred and greed takes over the world, the more depressed and unsatisfied humans become.  This is when all chaos breaks out.  Humans need love and if they do not get it, then they go crazy, become suicidal or even homicidal. Selfishness always leads to this yet we just continue to be selfish.

With that said, I will leave you with this:

“Take a moment to remember who you are.   -Who you really are.  You’ve been exposed to sociological indoctrination coming in all shapes and sizes your entire life.  You’ve been given a steady stream of bad information to gradually lure you off your true course.  You have been pressed into a mold and pressed into service.  You have been labeled, stamped, sealed and approved over and over again.  But you are much more to me than a number, a rank, a title or consumer.

You are Human- and for that I am most grateful.  Don’t let anyone slowly woo you into thinking you are something less than beautiful or perfect.   Beware of toxic but addictive phrases such as “born into sin” or “I want to be part of something bigger than myself” and words to that effect.   There IS nothing bigger than that which you already are!  You are a fractal of Creator.  You are the shining ones.

The powers of gradualism are muted when the mind has been awakened.   Once you see the light with an unfettered mind you can always find your way back home.

It’s never too late to regain the rudder.  Take a moment and behold the sight.  You are the captain.  The Universe is your sea.” (2)

Work cited:

  1. Bruce Lipton 1

2.   Cold Shock and the Modality of Gradualism

3.  Exploring the Depths of the Current Human Condition

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