End Of The Line (article and video)

N.S.  -Very good read. I also recommend that you watch the video “The late Great United States” at the end of Kirwan’s article, too.  It is a must see.

End Of The Line

By Jim Kirwan

In July of 1996 I was involved in the production of a Musical Comedy, in San Francisco: At of all places, The Cable Car Theater in the Theater District of the city.This morning I decided to take a walk through the city along the same cable car tracks that have been there seemingly forever—just to see how this world has changed in the intervening nineteen years.Back then our ticket-holders came from a combination of tourists and the local people. So I drew a map, to advertise the show and since the cable-cars never bothered making one, it worked for us as well. The hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and coffee shops loved them because people always wondered where the cable cars were and where they went. And of course it didn’t hurt when they turned up at the Cable-Car Theater either.This morning I began down at Fisherman’s Warf, one of the many spots where most tourists seem to find their way to, as part of the city…..READ MORE——>http://rense.com/general96/endoftheline.html 
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