Climate Engineering, Media Deception, And Hard Facts

Is The Whole World As Cold As The Eastern US?

by Dane Wigington |

The climate engineering corporate media/military/industrial complex is doing their best to create a very deceptive picture for much of the American population. They want the public to believe the whole world is as cold as the “engineered cool down” areas of the US and Canada, but this is a lie.

First, how “balanced” is the NOAA map below? Does this map look “unusual”? It should, meteorologically speaking. This map is quite profound, and it gets worse throughout the year as the maps continue through this article. The totally unbalanced temperatures from west to east are the telltale signs of massive climate engineering.



Take note of the only blue areas on the NOAA global temperature “departure from normal” map below. This map shows deviations from the “30 year average” temperatures.  Something that must also be considered when looking at this map, we have just passed the 37th year in a row of above average global temperatures. This fact skews the “average” temperatures to the warm side. Even with this consideration, the ongoing temperatures are still far above the warmer than average last 30 years of temperature readings used as a baseline.

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