Winter Everyday Forevermore Maybe

By Nan S

Spring is coming, but in the last several years, it’s as though winter lasts all year round.  Many people are becoming quite cold…No…I take that back…ice cold! In fact, if it gets any colder, penguins are going to pop up everywhere.  We have turned a would-be paradise into a cold, dark, empty planet where love has been turned on its head.  Outside in a never-never land of hatred, ruin, and a toxic world, we pass each other every day and instead of a joyful hello or smile, we act as though we fear each other.

People judge each other for all the wrong reasons and sow more and more animosity every second of every minute of every hour of each day, and fail to forgive each other for the smallest things.  Make no mistake about it; even families are turning on their very own family members over things like material wealth and other social standards.

In a demanding world such as the world as it stands now, people will only enter your life for very short durations and then they are gone and it seems like as long as you have enough money to keep them happy, they will stay.  Lose the money and the whole friendship collapses in on itself or another relationship goes up in smoke.

Men and women in competition with each other

In fact, when I am in relationships, men tend to fear that I may become a gold digger probably because so many women use men for so called “providers” and that is not something you get into a relationship for but women were brainwashed for so many years to think that the only purpose of having a spouse is for them to provide for them, open their car doors for them, and do all the manual labor around the house for them when they should be responsible enough to want to learn to do these things themselves.  So many women like this end up getting out of shape and then complain about it and whose fault is it that they make their husbands do every single thing for them?  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of lazy guys that expect the woman to do it all too but it is about women doing it that is socially promoted and men just do not trust us anymore because it is so widely endorsed that they must always be the providers, so men automatically think every woman who comes around just wants that and does not really care about him.

This is not about who is employed and who is not either. We all know that jobs are becoming an endangered species and soon there will be plenty of people who will not be able to be providers.  As long as we allow those psychotic vipers to run everything, humans will soon be obsolete, and machines will take our place.  However, not until they have worn us all down to nothing through slavery, lack of sleep, and constant stress.

So what it all adds up to is that our controllers on the top tiers decided long ago to use this as one of the many ways to destroy the family structure.  This is clearly another Divide and Conquer Weapon!  For me, it has become so bad that men seem to feel that they need to wait on me hand and foot when I would rather do everything myself or do it equally with him.  Being a young widow for so many years, I have been on my own for so long that it is liberating to be able do everything that I am capable of doing myself so I really would only want a guy because I want him for what he has to offer me from what is inside his soul.  I do not care about all that material stuff and no one else should either. Besides, this makes women feel like they are less proficient than men and this also causes resentment.  I am not trying to find a marriage partner but I am mentioning this because it happens so frequently in our society now and this is what our children have to look forward to when looking for relationships these days. How will they trust their partners with such age old propaganda?


Now that I mentioned young people, I really dislike when people downgrade single parents.  It is not easy to be parent but to be a single parent is tough work if you are doing it right.  You may not get paid for it but that does not mean that it is something that is easy to do.  It requires you to be both a father and a mother and it also requires that you raise your kids with good morals and values.  Not the morals and values that a certain group of Christians think that are good morals and values.  You have to be willing to be your child’s best friend or else they will not listen to what you are trying to teach them and you could very well impair their lives forever if you resort to verbal and emotional beatings like so many parents do.

It is bad enough that this society is overly harsh and demanding of us now but a parent should always have a willing and open heart to share with their children without calling them failures or worthless when they make mistakes, and yes, I know parents who actually do this to their kids.  After all, if you insult them like that, they are more likely to grow up making even worse mistakes.  If you understand them, they will be more likely to take what you have to say to them to heart and less likely to end up doing things like drugs when they get older.  They will be more successful as well because they will have more confidence in themselves than those children that are constantly being told that they will never amount to anything.  When you are there for them early on, when they do run into problems, they will feel more comfortable to come back to you and ask you what they should do.

Let’s face it, they are our future so we need to love them, encourage them, and correct them in a loving way.   So we need to quit judging good parents and it does not matter whether they are single, widowed, or married as long as they are being a devoted and loving parent.  There is not a lot of those left today so appreciate them!

We measure each other to see who is more marginal

People are very superficial and they look at things like success,  how social you are, how many friends or family that you have, what rumors that they hear about you, whether you are the same race as them, gay or straight, what religion you are, how crooked your teeth are, how much you weigh, whether your married or single, how popular you are, whether you have a nice car or a clunker or ride the bus, whether you have a college degree or not, whether you own a house or rent an apartment or live in a trailer or in your parent’s basement, whether you are going to a two year college or to grad school, and everything under the sun.

The things that people should be looking at are the very inner essence of the soul, how we treat one another, whether we follow and obey society or whether we think outside the balloon, whether we care about people for who they are, and if we will be there when they need us most.

Evil has a way of festering until it explodes, spreads, and shatters.  The more it spreads, the worse conditions get on this sphere.  We need to start by changing how we think.  We all have access to this inside us but we do not take the time to listen to that inner conscience that tugs at us every time we decide to do the wrong things.  Often enough, the only way we really listen or understand it is when we suffer the consequences from our mistakes but maybe it will be too late at that point.

Appearance isn’t everything

I have noticed that it is even difficult to get anyone to post articles on their websites unless the writer has a big huge elaborate BIO like they learned to write blogs by going to a four year college to do so.  I have seen many people who write blogs, and surprisingly, many who put up those kinds of great biographies do not always write the greatest blogs.  Some do but some do not.  Just like some who never went to college write great articles and some do not.  You are either good at it or you are not.  It depends on whether it is your thing or not.  So many of us have so much to offer with different skills and talents but it is so often ignored because of superficial titles.  We all have so much to offer, but in this world, many of the things we do goes unnoticed and unused because we do not possess popularity or wealth.  This happens with almost everything we do in life and the reason is that the corporate colleges want to use us to extort more money out of us.

We go to colleges to earn a label and we pay out of the ass for it.  Most of the time we can never pay it all back so we are left with a title and nothing to speak for it but a nice BIG debt monkey which latches on to us and never goes away.  Even if we are lucky enough to find employment in the profession that we went to school for, we owe so much on the debt in which we have accumulated over the years, that we have very little left over to do anything else with.  It is a giant Ponzi scheme just like everything else that they do to us to get all our money.

In a better world, we would not need to do that.  Those of us who have learned a trade would teach newbies the trade until they become good enough to put it into practice.  Many things do not require an expensive college degree but more and more trades and skills require you to go to college and earn a degree these days just so they can syphon more money out of us.

A final thought

What I am getting at here is that this is one of the reasons that this world is in the situation that it is.  We depend on the usurpers running things on top instead of each other and nothing ever gets resolved because we are unwilling overlook each other’s imperfections long enough to pull ourselves together as a people and if we never pull ourselves together, there is no chance that we will ever be able to stop them from turning this world into a living nightmare.  This is what it will be if we continue to allow them to perpetuate the laws.

Many people think that some dynamic divine entity is going to step in and save the day, but in actuality, it is us that will have to.  It will require that most of us wake up and stop it before it happens and if we don’t then the intervention will be the natural order who will have to do a total reset and that will mean the end to human civilization for the most part. Yes we will eventually come back but we will have to start all over again.

People never learn and hatred is a poison and it is so destructive to our civilization but so many people continue to hate and be destructive anyhow. They would rather do that then to unite with each other and work to make this a better world. Further, I think the whole purpose of this life on planet earth is for us to learn but sadly very few of us ever do so we have to keep repeating the same process until we do.

We cannot disregard each other any longer and expect things to change.

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