Hate The State! (But The Banks Even More!)

Real Currencies

Who in his right mind wants more State? More politicians? More bribes for politicians? More fines, more law, more prison? More Bush, more Hillary, more lies, more war?

Time to wake up people! Regulation is what Big Business lobbies for all the time: it’s killing small and medium business, who don’t have the resources to comply.

80 Years of more regulation, more welfare has done nothing to end Plutocracy. 1% owns 43% of all assets! 50% of Americans have net zero assets or less!

Marxism was invented to consolidate Plutocratic control of the economy in the State, a World State, ultimately. Regulation is their tool.

Now consider this:
– Usury redistributes up to 2 Trillion per year from the poorest 90% to the richest 10% in the US alone.
– Even if you have no debts, you lose 40% of your income to Usury passed on in prices.
– The…

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