Slaving for the Roaches


By Nan S

I have been busy thinking and thinking about the condition of people and our planet and I must tell you that it does not look very promising.  You see, people have been conditioned for a very long time to think that collectiveness is bad and that is only if we collectedly follow the elitists like cows following them to be slaughtered which I see far too many people doing.   Those psycho-monsters above us want us to believe that it is bad because if we mutually stand together then that is when we are most likely to stand against them.

People have become so automated and very difficult to reach except for on Facebook.  Most of the time, we are devising new methods to attack each other.  We have been taught that money makes us who we are and we judge according to that.  If you don’t have it then you are tossed away into the garbage and forgotten until someone needs you for something.  When I talk to people, they will talk and talk about their problems but when you approach them with a problem, they either run the other way or they just talk over you while you are trying to convey what is bothering you.  We have become so self-absorbed, that we have forgotten each other’s needs.  This is becoming more and more of a norm in our society and it is accelerating.

What we need to do is stop hating each other and collectively cut off their (these psycho-monsters) lifeblood and stop buying their products, stop working for them, stop obeying our governments, stop fighting their wars, stop paying their taxes, and start our own local governments with regular people not psycho-billionaires.   We also need to band together and put them behind bars with our own newly made legal system and make sure that they are never ever allowed to walk the streets again.

We all have some kind of skill.  For example, some of us own livestock, most of us can plant, and many of us hunt or can learn to hunt, some of us know how to build and the possibilities are endless! We can rebuild this country without them because if we let this go on, we are not going to have a country left to build.  Please keep in mind that most of us are going to have to agree to do this so this is why it is very imperative that we all learn to respect each other and tear down the walls of division.

You have an issue if you think that there is a difference between Republican and Democrat. Both are catering to the 1% and could care less for us. WE need to quit voting! They are all frauds and feudal lords.  Knowing this should make you refuse to vote because if you vote for these poor excuses of genetic junk, you are responsible for the continued obedience to these bags of garbage, and why would you want to be considered a gullible human slave to anyone?

The richer people get, the more corrupted they get! This is why I am not sure I would want to be rich! It would destroy any kind of good karma that I have earned in this life so far and this is not a chance that I will willingly take!  I also have a funny suspicion that soon many people will be taking a very deep nosedive into the big dumpster of poverty, and depending on how well off they were before the crash will determine how painful the fall will be.  Anybody in the middle class is not immune from this, either (even the upper middle classes and other well-to-do people).   Many of these folks like to pick on the ones underneath them but what they are failing to understand is that the people at the lowest tier are so used to carrying all the weight of all the rest who are at the top of them and they have developed much more muscle in them to withstand much more weight before it crushes them.   Just know that the gap is going to get wider and wider before there is nothing left but the 1% and then the rest of us who will be living in third world conditions.  If you ever seen some of those poor starving African kids that you sometimes see in magazines, then you can rest assure that this is what our future will hold for every last one of us if we do not fix this mess soon.

If this country was ever completely locked down, it would require them to be able to grab all our guns, yes?  They do not understand simple logic because many Americans have stockpiled illegal guns.

In the event that there is a complete economic disaster, many people will go rioting the stupid way but the smart person is the one who hides until the masses kill each other and then comes out and gathers the food afterwards!

Don’t you see, those clowns in Washington DC (Republicans and Democrats) are working for the crony capitalist bankers and they just want to confiscate more and more of our money! People, it is time to fight for what is rightfully ours but we can do it in such a way that we will not all get killed before we have a chance to win!

Obama would rather default the country and make massive cuts to ordinary Americans. For example, the only purpose of Obamacare is to feed the pig. Ever see those commercials?  No one should have to be punished with paying a fine just because they cannot afford healthcare and the employers are using this to punish the workers even further just so they can cut their work hours even more. It is a double whammy for the working class!

This country is not the greatest nation anymore and it is turning into a police rogue state that goes around bullying other countries and its own citizens. Yep…Every single one of them are and both parties are Zionist owned pieces of garbage and none of them can be counted on. It is time that people wake up and see that both parties are married to each other, married to Israel with all her wars, and have the same exact agendas on all accounts.  Soldiers fighting the greedy corporal wars just to be torn to pieces during combat and if they are lucky to make it back alive, they are treated as if they are nothing but dirt by their own country.  Many are left impoverished and homeless.  Now, in certain states, they are sending many of our veterans to jail because they want to stay warm because they were denied what they rightfully earned fighting our selfish wars and left homeless.

Guess what? Now it is also becoming a crime in many places in the US and UK to even be allowed to be homeless when it was them who put these people in this situation to begin with and that is all because the prisons have become greedy corporations and are making a profit from it.  It is not really about money, it is about controlling us.

The system has been set up this way so they can bring about Agenda 21 and turn this world into a Hunger Games-like scenario.   This way they will have tighter control over all of us because we will be depopulated and squashed into small places. The Hunger Games is the best comparison I can give to explain their Agenda 21 idea which they have been building into their NWO schemes for quite some time.  You should read up on this and get familiar with it.

Don’t blame each other.  Blame NAFTA. Blame the bankers for bankrupting us with their faulty wars, Ponzi schemes, and by printing money out of thin air while charging the United States the interest which is put onto the American people to foot. Blame the White house for doing their bidding instead of ours. We are all victims of their greediness and madness so we should be furious with them. It is going to get worse before it is all done!  Like a criminal, we may as well have a ball and chain attached to us.

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