Abhorrence and the way it divides us

Abhorrence and the way it divides us


One of the reasons United States has become such a hell hole is because no matter where we go, we always find that someone is hating on another group for no real good reason and we have become so focused on looking for flaws in each other that we have very little time to look at the real problems.  This has also slipped into the alternate news stream.  People write completely good stories until I get to the part where they start pointing blame at someone that they really shouldn’t and sometimes it gets really ugly.  They insult gay people when being gay is clearly not the issue.  Why do they care so much about something that is not hurting them at all?  They are so worried about whether it is a choice but so what if it is.  We have free will and as long as no one is being physically or mentally harmed by it, why is it a problem?  If they do not like it, they do not have to be one. The gay community does much the same thing to straight people and I also have a problem with this.  I am very much against the hatred that the LBGT is spewing about how all straight people are homophobes and even getting the gay people to hate their family and friends because of this.  It is clearly another divide and conquer weapon invented by the controllers.

People in the United States have to have someone to pick on all the time or they are not happy at all.  I have noticed this attitude with some Christian and anti-Zionist crowds.  The anti-Zionists are quite justified when they complain about Israel and how wrong it is for her to torture the Palestinians and how Israel is buying off our politicians to do all their dirty work.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is a fact but some Christians are going along with this as well and are just as guilty as the Jews for this.  So the problem is that the globalists are using religion as a tool to divide us and a tool for violence and a tool to get everything that they want out of us.  They are not really Jews or Christians.  They just use that as a front to make themselves look good and to bamboozle the population into fighting with each other.  These evildoers are Jesuits which is Satanism to be exact yet we are so gullible that we ignore it.

I have no doubt that there are good Christians and good Jews but they are regular people who are not the extremist types.  Both Christians and Jews have their different sects and some groups are not taught to be bigoted. For example: The neocon Christians do not seem to be for anything that Jesus taught because they unrighteously  judge people based on things like their social positions in life, or they make fun of Muslims and different races.   I will not generalize to the point that I will say all of them do this but many of them do and Jesus taught us to love one another irregardless of how much money they have.  Jesus taught that we are all equal and if we are equal then that means that we are the same in his eyes.    I am not a religious person myself but I would much prefer to be Catholic if I was because they seem to be more open minded and less judgmental towards others. I imagine that this happens in the Jewish religion as well and that there are more tolerant groups. You are not going to find them at the top.  That is for sure.   I still think it is best to avoid religion and think for yourself.  If you follow other beliefs then they are not your own and then you run into the danger of being narrow minded and in many cases you end up alienating good people and contributing to the domino effect of division and you shut yourself off from learning important things that may protect you in the end.

There has been some blogs that I have read that spew so much rubbish about others that I do not know why people in Alternate News post that kind of junk.  I just read one recently where a certain depraved individual posted that the unemployed are Fat, Stupid and lazy even though this loser knows that there are actually very few jobs left ,and add insult to injury, just decided to blame it on them when they are struggling to even survive.  He tried to say that it is learned helplessness when they have no control about the state of this economy and what the greedy rich are doing to us all through their trade agreements which are shipping all the jobs to places like China and replacing the good jobs with crappy robot slave wage ones without any kind of benefits.  To put someone down because they are not able to find work makes you look stupid.  The individual who keeps saying this gets paid to do what I do here for free and lots of money and he is very well to do just because he was lucky.  He never probably had to suffer to make ends meet in his whole miserable life and so it is easy for him to judge others but one day his luck might just run out and what will he do?  Will he starve and go homeless like he expects others to do?  I doubt it! He also says that because they have to use benefits that they love Obama.  That is the biggest and most stupid generalization I have ever heard and his little followers agree with him.  For one thing, so called Obamaphones started under Bush’s watch. They (the self-righteous right winged extremists) are  very sad foolish human beings that need to suffer a little so they lose that selfish cold ego that most of that group possesses.  They are so sure that it will not happen to them and that they are perfect people whom it could never happen to but it will eventually catch up with them, too.  Life has a way of biting you in the ass so you had better watch how you treat others because it could be you next and people like you will probably be ill prepared to deal with losing all your precious material wealth.  People who have had to struggle have learned how to deal with having nothing and new ways to adjust to it so they will be able to deal with it much better than the spoiled losers who hate the poor.

What about the racist losers who are so ignorant and undeserving of life because they say ignorant things like black people have a smaller brain or they look like ugly apes?  I have seen plenty of stupid and ugly people in all races and vice versa so this is clearly a very ignorant and stupid statement to make about another human being that may very well be the nicest and giving person you could ever meet.

If you think like this, you are no better than the very ones on top that you complain so much about and you really should not be writing articles because you are not qualified to pass your opinion.  You are a walking talking time bomb which will eventually implode in on yourself and no one will help you when it happens because you earned some pretty nasty karma for doing so.

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