New Quake In Madrid County Missouri And More Chemicals Spilled Along Elk River In West Virginia-Triclosan In Soaps Found To Cause Manic Insanity

Here Comes The Sun

(Before It’s News)

According to KFVS-TV  ”A small earthquake rattled areas near New Madrid County, Missouri. Friday morning.

Preliminary reports from the Cooperative New Madrid Seismic Network, the earthquake happened just after 6 a.m. and had a magnitude of  2.5.

The location was about 7 miles southwest of New Madrid and about 9 miles from Portageville.”  I will update this story as news becomes available.

This is the second earthquake in a week within the New Madrid zone. Earlier this week The National Weather Service in Paducah, KY.,  reported a 2.6 magnitude earthquake occured near Kevil, Kentucky at 6:35pm CST.

As activity in the New Madrid Siesmic Zone increases, it leaves you wondering if this is all leading up to the big one.

Could this be the beginning of the great awakening of the New Madrid Earthquake zone? An early warning for the big future event or nothing more than…

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