More Sinkholes In Russia-Buses Swallowed-And Around The World

Here Comes The Sun

It is not just Florida any more, as sinkholes are seemingly branching out with new ones from Brooklyn to New York City. A golfer was swallowed in Illinois lately. Cars and buses are disappearing in Russia. Large sinkholes can be a major problem and take weeks to fill in.

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(N.Morgan) Sinkholes are opening all over the world. One Russian town in particular, is being hit hard by the sudden sinkholes, swallowing their town. Residents of Samara, in south Russia,have seen  buses vanish beneath their streets as an epidemic of sinkholes spreads through the city. What is the cause of these sinkholes?

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They never seem to stop in Florida

Thu, 14 Nov 2013

A growing sinkhole in Florida has swallowed at least one home, caused another to begin collapsing and forced at least six homes to be evacuated. The sinkhole began…

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