A world turning into a dead zone

By Nan S

The state of the world has been a mess for many years but since 911, I have felt like I have traveled to an alternate world. We have completely transformed ourselves into a police state. Sadly, most people I talk to are still in slumber land. It feels as if most people are seeing a different world than what I perceive. For example, the other day, I told someone that I felt that the public school’s security was getting out of hand and the person said that I should be grateful for the security and how it is protecting my child from being shot. Well, these people only watch mainstream news and never go online to research outside the mainstream bubble. They have no idea that most of the shootings were false flag attacks. Likewise, they accept the official 9-11 lie. They watched the whole attack go down and even seen the BBC journalist announce that Building 7 went down before it actually did. They never questioned it.

They never felt that it was strange that every day from that point on that we have been losing one right after another. They were more concerned about watching their reality shows, football, getting drunk, and religion. I am not sure what is going through their minds but most of them seem to be living in la la land. It is something like having a bad dream because you suddenly see this really huge ant the size of a shoe crawling on a wall in the dream and you start freaking out and screaming and you look at everybody and they wonder why you are going nuts, because to them, it is completely normal for picnic ants to be that big.

Securities that have been put into place after 9-11

So much has went wrong in this country since then that it should be obvious to even a dimmer brained human. The security has built itself up to armed guards in the schools. In all the schools where I live, there are metal detectors as well (even in the elementary schools). When I was little, the schools did not have any security at all. None of the adults even raise an eyebrow about this. It is just business as usual to them. However, the security is infuriating to some of us and many of the children feel as though they are in prison rather then High School. Children are no longer allowed to be seen with scissors in school. They also have to be careful what they say and do. No more defending yourself from a bully or you will get fined or have the police called on you. If your child shows any signs of depression, you will be told to take them to a shrink and be forced to medicate them. They may even put them in Special education classes as well. Kids today are not allowed to be kids anymore.

They also rolled out the TSA advanced imaging technology (AIT) apparatus at the airports after the incident with the underwear bomber. They grope you and make flying a dreadful journey. Now they even have No Fly Lists for people that have done absolutely nothing wrong. They have check points and armed guards there as well. Where are they going to place this TSA next? In the stores, on the street, or maybe guarding our public restrooms? Seriously, how much more misery must we suffer before we have had enough?

Determining what is factual and what is not

Alternate news for the most part is very reliable but you must be able to determine what is propaganda and what is not. Often propaganda even finds its way into the alternate media and sometimes it is very hard to figure out whether it is true or not. The globalists want to keep us confused and distracted so they will often find ways to send rumors into the alternate stream. Most of the time it is just a lot of fear porn. There is also no doubt that there are writer’s sites that are being secretly operated by the globalists. The best way to determine what is good and what is not good is to educate yourself about how propaganda works. For me, it is a waiting game to find out what is and what is not strictly just coming from the rumor mill. Also, I avoid reading stuff that has hints of partisan politics in it. I judge the character of the writer as well. I have read articles that are basically very insulting and you have to ask yourself that if someone can be so ignorant then how can they be reliable? It is okay to speak negatively about some things but wrong if you say something that is judging a group of people based on stupid things like their color, social class, or how fat they are because they are in a certain group. This is childish and often angers the reader. No matter how well they write or how informative the article is, it causes the reader to think twice when reading another article from that person.

With that said, alternate news is much more reliable than mainstream which is chuck full of whoppers. Whoppers that are biased, Zionist, and bend toward what the corporations and bankers want you to believe. For example: They want you to think all is well with the economy or that war on Iran is the way to go. They want you to believe that Israel is always right and we must stand by any decision that they make no matter what because they are the chosen people and we are just subhumans that we must acquiesce at all cost or we are being anti-Semitic. That is the way this country operates now. Thank goodness we have the mainstream news to turn to…..Not!

The condition of our country now

In America today, everything around us seems to be crumbling. The infrastructure, the people, the police, the schools, our food (GMO), and I could list so many more things that this article could go on indefinitely. I can tell you first hand, that it is getting more and more difficult to get out of that bed every day because I find the state of this country and the world as a whole very depressing. It seems like you are not even allowed to be yourself these days. You are not allowed to have a voice or you risk having it used against you. Anything good is considered evil and bad is the way to go. The more you lie and cheat, the better your chances in this place. How is that even right? People are being robbed more and more by the bankers and yet that is just A-Okay with most people. They have become so drugged up, dumbed down, and conditioned that most think that this is just fine. Business as usual !! If you dare complain about the state of affairs, they say that it is just the way it is! They will even try and push medicine and psychiatry on you if you dare even raise any arguments about the unfairness that is being placed on us every day after day! People do not stand up for themselves anymore. That is the thing of the past, they say. They also say that with a Big Happy Smile on their faces.


From a very early age, I knew something was wrong with the way this world operated. I remember sitting at the table as a really young kid and my Dad telling me that I will never be able to conform to society, but at the time, I took it as an insult. What I did not realize is that my Dad was actually telling me that I would never be a follower, and that no matter how much the world hated me for it, I would do things my own way. This is what every one of us needs to start doing. Following anything always leads to being a clueless sheep. It also causes you to give up who you were meant to be in the first place. I can only imagine what a wonderful world this would be if we were all ourselves and we took off our society masks. I can only imagine a world where substance made a person and not how much material wealth they have. Did you ever notice that when people pretend, that spirit inside them dies and they look pale and lifeless? This is what the medicine industry is doing to people. People become like lifeless shells and they conform to everything this police state wants them to be. It does not have to be this way. We can win this thing but that requires us to wake up and find that inner person inside us again.

Let’s face it, everything is crumbling around us and it got this way because we allowed ourselves to crumble first and to the point where we forgot who we actually are as a people. We forgot to love and respect one another. We allowed ourselves to be divided when we should not really be against each other. We should be against those ones who are doing all this to us. It doesn’t matter what walk of life we came from. Substance matters only! We need to quit listening to the lies of society and pull ourselves together as a people and try to resolve this awful mess that we have gotten ourselves into or the world is going to just come tumbling down on top of us one day. That day will be sooner than you think if we do not wake up.

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